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Household Small Oxygen Concentrator


A medical device known as a household oxygen concentrator gives a patient with respiratory difficulties more supplemental oxygen. A compressor, sieve bed filter, oxygen tank, pressure valve, and nasal cannula make up the apparatus of the concentrator. A concentrator, like an oxygen tank or cylinder, delivers oxygen to a patient through a mask or nasal tubes. We at Decho Heath offer small oxygen concentrators that can give oxygen continuously and don't need to be refilled as oxygen cylinders do.


Household Oxygen Concentrators: Working Principle


Let me brief you regarding the working principle of oxygen concentrators. To give patients 90% to 95% pure oxygen, oxygen concentrators filter concentrate oxygen molecules from the surrounding air. The oxygen concentrator's compressor draws in outside air and modifies the pressure at which it delivers oxygen. The nitrogen is separated from the air using a filter bed formed the crystalline substance zeolite.


Our household oxygen concentrators feature two sieve beds that both discharges separated nitrogen back into the air and release oxygen into a cylinder. This creates a perpetual loop that continues to produce pure oxygen. 5 to 10 liters of oxygen per minute are controlled by the pressure valve. The patient is then given compressed oxygen through a nasal cannula.


Features Of Small Oxygen Concentrator


Household oxygen concentrators from Decho Health provide adequate protection against hypoxia and oxygen poisoning. Our oxygen concentrator is made of top-notch material and is leading the market with its top-class features.


Our portable oxygen detector alerts with adjustable audio, visual, and vibration alarms when preset levels are reached. The display shows an easy-to-read number that accurately measures oxygen concentration and offers atomize functions. Our oxygen concentrators will supply continuous oxygen for more than 3000 hours. Maintain your safety while working in confined spaces and effectively predict the environment's safety.


When To Use Oxygen Concentrator


People with breathing difficulties can benefit from it, but we condemn using this device for ICU patients. Patients with the following situations can use our small oxygen concentrators.



Lung cancer


The flu



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